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We’re super busy bowlin’ it up for you, but if you want to try to contact us directly, here’s our info:

(310) 480-8017

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Catering Menu

Option 1


Choose your VESSEL

  • Fresh Mixed Greens
  • Chinese Hoisin & Apricot
  • Brown Rice
  • Fresh Tortilla Chips

Pick your PROTEIN

  • Grilled Chicken
  • Grilled Steak
  • Slow Roasted Pork
  • Roasted Sweet Potato, Black bean, & Soyrizo Chili
  • Grilled Tofu

Select your SAUCE

  • Buffalo Ranch
  • BBQ Chipotle
  • Creamy Sriracha
  • Chimichurri
  • Creamy Cilantro
  • Chinese Hoisin & Apricot
  • Sweet & Spicy Korean Red Chile
  • Homemade Crème Fraiche

All options include fresh made mango or pineapple salsa, confetti corn relish & assorted shredded/crumbled cheeses for garnish.

$20/person: choose 3 vessels, 2 proteins, 4 sauces

$23/person: choose 4 vessels, 3 proteins, 5 sauces

$25/person: all vessels, proteins, and 6 sauces

Additional 18% Service Charge

Option 2

Signature Bowls

BBQ Chipotle Chicken Bowl

Grilled Seasoned Chicken Breast, served w/ our Flavorful BBQ Chipotle Sauce, Black Beans, our Signature Confetti Corn Salsa and Fresh Tortilla Strips … this is the bowl that won us Beverly Hills on the Great Food Truck Race 4!

Chinese Steak/Chicken Bowl

Grilled, Grass-fed Steak or Chicken Breast & Fresh Shredded Veggies, stir-fried together in a tangy, sweet Hoisin & Apricot Sauce, served over fresh Salad Greens & Rice & topped w/crunchy wontons & green onions.

Buffalo Chicken Bowl

Grilled Seasoned Chicken Breast served w/ our Spicy Buffalo Sauce, Blue Cheese, Shredded Carrots, Green Onions & topped w/ Buffalo Ranch.

Chimichurri Steak/Chicken Bowl

Grilled, Grass-fed Steak marinated & grilled w/ our Fresh Chimichurri Sauce, then smothered w/ Monterey Jack Cheese & served over Rice & Black Beans, w/ our Signature Confetti Corn Salsa, homemade Crème Fraiche & crunchy tortilla strips.

Shredded Pork Chile Verde Bowl

Tender Shredded Pork, smothered in warm Chile Verde Sauce & Jack Cheese, served over Rice & Black Beans, then drizzled w/ homemade Crème Fraiche & fresh Mango Salsa, crunchy tortilla strips top it off!

BBQ Pulled PORK Bowl

Tender shredded Pork smothered in Tangy BBQ sauce & melted Cheddar Cheese, served over Rice & Black Beans & topped w/ fresh made Citrus Slaw, Confetti Corn Relish & crunchy wontons too!

Black & Bleu Bowl

Grass-Fed Steak grilled with Bacon, Bleu Cheese, & Green Onions atop Brown Rice, Black Beans, & Mixed Salad Greens drizzled w/ Crème Fraiche & more Bleu Cheese! AMAZING!!!

The Naturally Naked Bowl

Tender, Grilled, Chicken Breast sautéed in fresh Garlic, Olive Oil, Parsley, & Lemon Juice w/ Shredded, Kale, Red & Green Cabbage, Spinach, & Carrots atop Brown Rice & Mixed Greens

“Super Jerk” Braised Pork/Chicken Bowl

Jamaican Jerk rubbed Shredded Pork or Chicken Breast, served over Salad Greens, with Rice & Black Beans, Queso Fresco, tangy Mango Salsa, fried Plantains, & homemade Crème Fraiche

Korean Red Chile Pork/Chicken Bowl

Grilled Chicken or Shredded Pork tossed in Gochujang, a unique spicy-sweet Korean red chili pepper sauce, served over rice & our very own “White Girl Kimchi”, topped w/ green onions & crunchy Wontons!

3 Bean, Bacon & Beef Chili

Red Kidney, Pinto & Black Beans are slow simmered w/Bacon, Ground Beef & Fire- Roasted Tomatoes in a rich, smoky, flavorFULL chili that’s smothered in Monterey Jack Cheese & Garnished w/ our Confetti Corn Salsa & Crème Fraiche…so comforting!

Roasted VEGGIE Sweet Potato, Black Bean Soyrizo Chili Bowl

Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Smoked Black Beans and Soyrizo Chili topped with our signature Confetti Corn Relish and homemade Crème Fraiche

All Bowls Served Over Your Choice of Fresh Greens, Lime & Cilantro White Rice, Savory Quinoa, or Homemade Tortilla Chips

$15/person: choose 3 bowls

$20/person: choose 4 bowls

$23/person: choose 5  bowls

Additional 18% Service Charge


Fried Egg



Seasonal Fruit Cobbler w/ freshly whipped cream
Brownie & Blondie Bars

$4 per person: choose 1


Fresh Made Tortilla Chips

Creamy Avocado & Cilantro Dip, Confetti Corn Salsa, or Fresh Mango Salsa

Garlic & Parmesan French Fries or Tater Tots

Served with a fresh lemon & garlic aioli for dipping

$2/person: choose 1

$3.50/person: choose 2


Bottled Water

$1 each

Iced Pineapple Green Tea
Thai Iced Tea
Mexican Hot Chocolate

$2 each

Hot Mokalita

(Coffee & Mexican Hot Chocolate)

Coconut Water

$3 each

Mother Truckers

Liza & Jes

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Bowled & Beautiful was founded by single moms Liza Barnes and Jessica Butorovich when they found each other, day one of culinary school. They attended The Art Institute of California – Los Angeles and knew instantly that they had met to make a delicious difference in the culinary world. Food Network saw their potential and drive and selected them to star on “The Great Food Truck Race Season 4”, where they displayed their talents with great courage and passion. They were top contenders and although they didn’t win the race, they won the invaluable experience, knowledge, and desire to start their very own “Bowled & Beautiful” Food Truck. Their love for California Fusion cuisine is the inspiration for the bowls they create. The food is fresh, healthy, flavorFULL and fun! Their concept has caught on fast and the love is spreading quickly  across the West Coast…and beyond! They invite you to come try a Signature “Fan-Favorite” Bowl or “Build-a-Bowl” of your very own.

Come see what all the buzz is about!